Glass Panels for staircases

No matter if the structure is commercial or business-oriented, many are turning to the installation of glass staircases. They have gained traction over the years and are an ideal way to add modern twists to properties across the Surrey and Sussex area.

So, why not consider glass staircases in your commercial space? Open up areas with natural light. Add that level of sophistication to your premises, while prioritizing safety with toughened glass panels.

The Benefits of Glass Staircases

Many may believe that glass is a fragile material and unsuitable for staircases. Yet, this is untrue. During the manufacturing process, these glass panels are strengthened, making them extremely difficult to smash and damage in any way.

  • Add natural light

  • Hassle-free

  • Modern & stylistic

  • Unrestricted views

  • Easy to maintain

Glass Staircase Balustrade
Glass and Oak Staircase

Oak & Glass Staircases

But it’s not limited to just glass products. One of the advantages of our products is their versatility—they complement various materials, including oak and glass staircases.

Our team specializes in combining oak bannisters and newels with glass balustrades to create a striking focal point in your commercial space. Our oak and glass staircases are truly captivating. They not only maintain a stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance but also prioritize safety with our toughened glass products. Ideal for commercial spaces with foot traffic and safety considerations.

Bespoke Glass Designs

Whatever the brief entails, our glass installers will work with your specific requirements and create bespoke glass designs for staircases in all shapes and sizes. Whether this utilising both wood and glass, or simply 100% toughened glass panels. Our glass specialists will design, manufacture and install your dream glass staircase to your complete satisfaction.

What are you waiting for? Enquire today with your specifications and let our experts do the rest!