Glass Bifold Doors

At Glazing Spaces, all our glass bifolding doors are completely bespoke. Each design and subsequent installation is based primarily on the specific requirements each room has. We work closely with our customers and prioritise their satisfaction above anything. Our external and internal bifold glass doors are designed to get the most out of space, both in style and in their functionality.

The Benefits of Glass Bifolds

Our range of glass bifolding doors encompasses various materials, including oak bifold doors and aluminum. No matter the aesthetic of your home, our glass products are designed to complement your design and enhance your living spaces.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the benefits of bifold glass doors extend beyond residential use. Commercial properties can also greatly benefit from the installation of glass bifolding doors. They are excellent for enhancing the influx of natural light and can impart an exceptionally luxurious ambiance to your business premises. Consider the advantages they can bring to your commercial space.

  • Allow the flow of natural light

  • Enhanced security

  • Save space

  • External and internal options

  • Modern design style

External & Internal

Internal bifold doors are exceptionally well-suited for properties in the Surrey and Sussex regions, offering versatile and adaptable solutions tailored to your specific needs. When fully opened, these glass bifolding doors neatly stack to one side, optimizing space utilization. Corner-opening bifold glass doors are especially fitting for larger areas or for making a bold statement in terms of your property’s aesthetic and style choices. They are perfect for dividing rooms and enhancing the use of space by allowing natural light to flow freely.

Furthermore, these internal glass bifold doors are not limited to residential use alone. They also find valuable applications in commercial properties across Surrey and Sussex. Whether you’re improving office spaces, creating meeting areas, or enhancing the ambiance of your business, our glass bifolding doors offer flexibility, elegance, and the flow of natural light.

For doors with two bifolding leaves, such as four-pane glass bifolding doors, there is no need for floor tracks or thresholds. However, if your opening configuration involves more than two panes folding in one direction, a shallow floor track will be necessary to ensure stability and support.

Creative Solutions

Bifold glass doors are becoming the number one choice for homes in the Surrey and Sussex surrounding areas, offering both practical and stylistic choices for your home aesthetic. There are a variety of benefits to the installation of bifold glass doors and windows for all types of homes.

Bifold Window Shutters

Not to be outdone, bifold windows offer the same advantages as glass bifolding doors. Just in different places and with different uses. Thus, your bifold windows can still have the same narrow sightlines, large openings, functionality and the chance to make them your own.

At Glazing Spaces, we offer custom and bespoke glass designs for our bifold windows. We work with our customers to ensure that their vision is met through the installation of bifold windows. Create an iconic and unique look within your home’s aesthetic. All while enhancing the flow of natural light with modern and stylistic bespoke glass designs.