Single Glazed Glass Partitions

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Single Glazed Glass Partition Systems

Looking to partition new spaces in your workplace affordably? Opt for single glazed glass partitioning. Despite its cost-effectiveness, this solution maintains high quality and professionalism.

Ideal for dividing open plan offices, retail spaces, and even residential areas, our single glazed systems offer a premium solution without the premium price tag.

Single Glazed Glass Partitions

Additional infomation

  • Glass panels are available from 10mm to 12.8mm thickness.
  • Our experienced fitters ensure minimal disruption during installation.
  • Fixed single glazed glass panes provide sound protection of up to 33dB, muffling voices (Loud conversations may still be heard).
  • This product can achieve up to 40db sound protection when using 12.8mm acoustic glass panels

Acoustic Rating up to 33dB

Fitted Up To 3000mm high

Demountable partition system

Design & Fit service

Doors for Single Glazed Glass Partitions

We provide a variety of doors for our partitioning systems. For a seamless finish, our frameless glass doors complement the single glazed sytems. Explore our full range of partition doors.


Compatiable additions include:

Acoustics Guide

Decibel Rating What this means Suggested solution for
Up to 33dB Normal speech is muffled but can be interpreted Open areas or offices
Up to 37dB Loud speech may be heard. Normal speech is heard, but hard to interpret Standard offices
Up to 40dB Loud speech can be heard, but hard to interpret. Normal speech is barely heard Meeting rooms
Up to 46dB Loud and normal speech can’t be heard Boardrooms and private spaces
Up to 50dB Extremely loud speech can’t be heard Highly confidential areas

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