What Are Balustrades?

Some business owners or property managers may not even be aware of what glass balustrades are. Especially regarding the benefits they can offer various types of commercial properties.

Balustrades refer to the panels that provide barriers for spaces such as staircases, terraces, balconies, and decking areas. Both interior and exterior, glass balustrades are a great way to maintain safety throughout commercial premises without sacrificing a stylish and modern aesthetic.

Framed Glass Balustrades

All of our glass balustrade fixings are made from safety glass, which is toughened during the manufacturing process. Approved by Building Regulations Document K, our glass installers will assess any potential risks and create bespoke glass balustrades that fit all your technical requirements.

Glass balustrades also can offer a variety of uses for any type of building. For safety reasons, handrails and balustrades are essential to provide guidance and protection through commercial buildings. But, you shouldn’t have to lose your style. That’s why our custom glass balustrade panels are ideal to keep up a modern aesthetic, whilst also providing safety.

Glass Balustrades
Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrades

The demand for frameless glass balustrades and their popularity have only continued to increase. At Glazing Spaces, we understand the latest trends and ways to implement these through both residential and commercial buildings. As a popular architectural choice, frameless glass balustrades can be used both internally and externally.

Created with toughened glass, which is strengthened during the manufacturing process, our frameless glass balustrades provide the highest level of protection. All whilst creating no obstruction to the flow of natural light and other structural elements.

Glazing Specialists

Here at Glazing Spaces, we put our customer’s satisfaction first. Our specialists work closely with you to ensure that your vision is met and created through our time together. We design bespoke frameless glass balustrades, with your specific requirements in mind, create them with toughened glass and install them efficiently and effectively. All to the highest standards in the industry.

What our clients say about our glass balustrades

Josh and his team replaced an oak framed, 4 metre balcony this summer with modern safety glass and the effect was transformational. He replaced all of the old wood, installed the new glass and safety bar and fixed base all in one day at a very competitive rate. I can only rate his work as 5 star

D. Fassom, West Clandon